“Pilgrim Lutheran School, the place we dropped our kids off while we were at work… that was our whole idea about Pilgrim Lutheran School, but that idea has changed! Both of our sons have been at Pilgrim Lutheran School since they were 2 years old. The wonderful teachers and staff that helped teach them learn their ABC’s and 123’s, Reading Writing and Arithmetic, the teacher and staff took care of them, The School staff grew to know our kids and our family, I could see that the people running the School  truly care about our children and our children seemed to enjoy going to school. We know that our children have made close friends at Pilgrim. As we watch our sons grow up at Pilgrim, and see what good children they have become. We can see that the school is a safe, family centered environment to gain an education and to learn about God and being a Christian. Pilgrim Lutheran School has become a staple in our children’s lives. Our family has become closer to God and attends Church at Pilgrim. The more time our family spends at Pilgrim the more we know that this is the right place for our children to be.

We are truly grateful for Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School!”

-from a parent


“My daughter is thriving at Pilgrim Lutheran School!  From the first day, the teachers, staff, and older students take the younger students under their wings.  My Kindergartener is learning a holistic education, in more depth than I found at other schools.  Pilgrim incorporates today’s technology, foreign language, music, physical education, and teaches all the traditional subjects like math, English, reading, and science starting from Kindergarten.  I have also been impressed by the number of times I’ve witnessed the older kids taking care of the younger ones; I watch my daughter light up as the older children greet her with kindness and take the time to play, teach, and develop her.”

-from a parent


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